John Heslegrave - Features in Dry Stone Two raised beds between lower & upper retaining walls with centre steps New curved wall between garden & paddock with a stile

It is a privilege placing special pieces of stone to create surfaces or spaces in harmony with their present surroundings. Breaking or shaping a stone often reveals surprising colours, structures and grain that can then be displayed to great advantage.
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When lifting & positioning stones, there is always the mystery of where they have rested throughout the last 100 million years, who might have handled them before, and how they might be used differently in the future.

Cheek end & corner at the end of a drive Eight cantilevered steps rising from lawn to terrace & patio
A simple garden gateway on rising ground; with cheek ends and hand-cut copestones.	(Photo by Nigel Blackburn) Decorative protruding stones & throughstones for pots & ornaments on a short garden wall
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